SpartanShield Video


1. Overview

SpartanShield Video Platform provides services for streaming video sources from Security and SmartHome cameras, indoor or outdoor(perimeter camera or door-lock camera).

It is fully integrated with SpartanShield ADMP , SpartanShield FogEdge Platform , Camera OEM/ODM hardware platform, AWS/Azure Clouds along with Camera Apps developed for Android, iOS mobile devices.

The following device management protocols and API are exploited on the SpartanShield Video :

    • MQTT(S) – for communications with SpartanShield AMDP , Clouds, Camera hardware platform, Mobile Camera App
    • USP (TR-369) – for firmware updates of the Camera
    • REST API – for exploiting SpartanShield AMDP device management capabilities
    • WebSockets(MQTTS) – for sending push messages to the Camera App to update statuses and receive events from the Camera

SpartanShield Video Platform is designed for the following Broadband or SmartHome B2B customers :

  • Mobile Operators or Telco Carriers.
  • IoT Service Providers.
  • Device OEM/ODM Manufacturers.
  • System Integrators.
  • Enterprise Customers.


It allows to create the following value-added Products and Services :

  • AI/ML recognition and image/video analysis
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture


The Platform is built with messaging and micro-services architecture deployable at any containerized environments using Clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP and others.

SpartanShield Video Platform exploits AI/ML micro-services from SpartanShield ADMP as well as re-uses the same core components. Hense the same features like unlimited scaling/load balancing and others are applicable also.

2. System Architecture

Depending on OEM/ODM target platform, the Camera components may be similar to the ones available in the SpartanShield FogEdge.

At least, the Camera components include SpartanShield Camera Agent and SpartanShield USP(TR-369) Agent. The responsibilities of those are divided the following way:

High-Level System Architecture

Platform Components

The diagram below describes the components of the Platform.

Account and Device Management Container

This is a micro-service responsible for making sure the Camera device is whitelisted on the Platform and fully manageable. Some devices may be blacklisted for some reasons and not allowed to connect to the Platform. Also user credentials for the SpartanShield Camera App are verified for each connected device.

Cloud Integration Container

The micro-service manages the Platform integration with AWS, Azure, GCP. The Cloud is exploited to persist Camera video clips and screenshots. For instance, the following resources can be stored in the Cloud:

  • Video clips of certain duration(configurable by the Platform) captured by the Camera on movement events or recorded by a connected user via the Camera App.
  • Camera screen-shots captured during movement events or by the connected user via the Camera App.

The resource list is fully configurable and dependent on a user subscription plan.

P2P Connectivity Container

The component’s responsibility is to manage creation of a P2P tunnel for Camera video source required to begin streaming video from to the Camera App.

Prior to establishing the tunnel, the connected user credentials are verified as well as whether Camera is present in the device white-list.

Push Notifications Container

The micro-service is responsible for sending notifications to the Camera App when any event captured by the Camera.

For instance, the following events are handled via Platform:

  • AI/ML generated events as designed by appropriate generative models deployed on the Camera
  • Movement events

Sending events is a configurable option and may be enabled or disabled.

In addition, the events are sent to the SpartanShield ADMP for auditing and logging purposes.

Camera Application

SpartanShield Video Platform includes mobile applications for Android, iOS to manage Camera commisioning, video stream playback, camera events, Smart Home Scenes and Automations.

The Camera applications are fully customizable and include the following functionality:

  • Ading/removing various Scenes configurable depending on available SmartHome sensors
  • Managing connected SmartHome sensors and retrieved data
  • Adding Automation scenarios depending on available Scenes and connected sensors
  • Managing family users allowed to connect to the Platform via the Camera App
  • Adding/removing the Camera for the application
  • Switching to various Camera views depending on device capabilities
  • Storing various Camera resources(video clips, screenshots) in the Cloud based upon a given subscription model
  • Managing Camera events
  • Many other features available

3. Matter platform integration

SpartanShield Video Platform is fully integrated with SpartanShield ADMP and provides End-to-End solution for Matter ecosystem.

SpartanShield delivers the Super-Application for Android, iOS mobile platforms and includes the following features :

  1. Commissioning Matter devices.
  2. Managing Matter devices.
  3. All available Camera App features.

Terms and Acronyms

Acronym Description
P2PPoint to Point connection between two devices without necessity to have a dedicated IP address for each of them.
P2P TunnelA TCP/IP connection tunnel is created via a 3rd party to enable the P2P communication between two devices. In this case, SpartanShield Video Platform serves as the 3rd party to establish a connection between the Camera and SpartanShield Mobile App
LCMLife cycle manager
EEExecution environment
IPCInter process communications
ODMOriginal Device Manufacturer
DUDeployment Unit
LXCLinux containers
runcExecution environment for Linux containers
UCIUnified Configuration interface
UBUSOpenWRT micro bus architecture
CWMPCPE WAN Management Protocol
DTLSDatagram Transport Layer Security
FirmwareA piece of software executable as part as device operating system(OS)
FOTAFirmware Over The Air
SpartanShieldSpartanShield Unified Management Platform
FTTxFiber-to-the-Home physical layer set of protocols
IoTInternet of Things
IoT ServerIoT Device Management Server
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
LANLocal Area Network
LPWALow Power Wide Area Network
M2MMachine to Machine
MQTTMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport is an ISO standard
MQTTSMQTT Sensor Networks
NB-IoTNarrowband Internet of Things
NIDDNon-Internet protocol Data Delivery
OTAOver The Air
MatterApplication level protocol for Smart Home devices
ThreadPhysical layer RF Mesh protocol for low powered devices communicating via IEEE 802.15.4 networks
PANPersonal Area Network such as used in Zigbee, Z-Wave,
Bluetooth, RF Mesh, Thread, Matter and other IEEE 802.15.4 networks
QoSSpartanShield’s Quality of Service Professional Solution
RESTrepresentational state transfer API
RFRadio Frequency, like RF based wireless networks
SMSShort Message Service
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SSLSecure Sockets Layer (SSL)
TLSTransport Layer Security
TR-069Broadband Forum technical specification which enables remote and
safe configuration of Broadband devices
USP(TR-369)User Services Platform (TR-369) – next generation of broadband device
management protocol
WANWide Area Network