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Security meets AI/ML Provisioning

Tampa, FL, May 24, 2024. As a solid move in provisioning AI/ML models to the Edge, SpartanShield partnered with iUniq.

Being a security solutions company, iUniq to augment own patented technology to get a competitive advantage for its identity and security product line on the market.

Partnering with SpartanShield Technologies allows iUniq to add cutting edge value proposition to its patented identity and security solutions. They cover a wide range of end-point-devices like mobile phones, tablets, gateways, routers. From its inception, iUniq is focused on bringing in unique identity and security solutions to the market.

Long before deploying of security keys support by monsters like Google, Apple, Amazon and others in 2023, iUniq invented a patented technology securing and uniqely identifying connected users and end-point-devices.

Joining forces with SpartanShield, brings up to speed our new products and launching them into production. SpartanShield’s unique expertise in AI/ML model provisioning and top level knowledge of device management helps us to keep up the pace with AI/ML evolution nowadays.

” – says Paul Swengler, CEO of iUniq and inventor of “Credential Free Identity”.

“SpartanShield has a clear vision of how AI/ML model orchestration and provisioning can add a tremendous value to shifting AI processing from the Cloud to the Edge or exploiting a hybrid computational environments.

Bringing SpartanShield technologies and knowledge to a Security & Identity business domain is definitely a good sign of the company is moving forward in a right direction. Partnering with iUniq allows both companies to pinpoint existing limitations, develop real working solutions and integrations for very prominent AI/ML, Cloud, Security & Identity markets.

SpartanShield to allow iUniq to provision and deploy its patented “Credentia Free Identity” solution to a wide range of devices – phones, sensors, gateways, routers to name a few – to utilize and integrate ubiquitous AI/ML frameworks with iUniq Security & Identity product line.

Customers to scale up its security & identity infrastructure on the same level as Google, Apple, Amazon do but for their own business cases. You can treat such infrastructure as “Private Security & Identity”. Similarly, as you can build your own private 5G networks for Enterprises but in the security & identity sense of it. ” – says Tanya Yakhontova, CEO of SpartanShield.

SpartanShield “AIOnize Your Device” technologies shift AI/ML from the Cloud to the Edge.

For Platform Demo and use cases, please Contact our team for more details.

AI Device Security Dashboard

About SpartanShield Technologies

The company is pionering the way AI/ML is shifting from the Cloud to the Edge. By utilizing a mix of Edge and Hybrid computational environments, SpartanShield augments a wide range of devices – phones, gateways, routers, sensors, automotive, cameras – with unparalleled performance, efficiency and security.

Its “AIOnize Your Device” technologies bring in the latest AI/ML frameworks to the end-point-devices.

About iUniq

iUniq patented AI process eliminates all matching credentials including biometrics using random numbers. Without passwords, hackers can’t gain access to your identity. AI offers a revolutionary approach in security. Over 80% of all system breaches are from compromised credentials.

iUniq eliminated credentials and with them, the problem.

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