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AIΩnize Your Device:

Connecting devices with the perfect AI/ML model

Unparalleled performance, efficiency and security for Broadband, Connected Home, IOT Service Providers.

SpartanShield Highlights

SpartanShield ADMP is based on open-source core micro-services extendable by commercial modules on top of them.

A fully integrated AI/ML Device Management Platform provides no vendor lock-in, flexible stack of add-on micro-services and automated Cloud deployment.

check AIonize Your Device - Intelligent Device Management: Connecting devices with the perfect AI/ML model for unparalleled performance, efficiency and security.

check Open source Device Management Platform with commercial components for AI/ML device fleet analysis, Carrier Grade USP, Matter, Edge Containerization, Video Streaming and SmartHome Applications.

check AI/ML Device Management Platform to analyze, build forecasts and trends based upon device fleet and connected users.

check Open source nature of core platform services to allow quick POC&MVP development with low entrance costs.

check On-demand, configurable add-on micro-services that are plugged into the platform on run-time without platform downtime.

check Substantial performance boost comparing with JVM based platforms in Java, Scala, interpreted based like Python, Ruby or Javascript based like NodeJS. SpartanShield facilitates substantial deployment speed, small memory footprint and resource utilization.

check Full data transfer encryption via TLS using X.509 certificates.

check Flexible integration with OSS, BSS platforms via loosly-coupled messaging interfaces or REST API.

check Cloud agnostic deployable in AWS, Azure, GCP without any re-work or system changes.

check Scalable architecture due to micro-services nature deployed in Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

check Supports wide range of communication protocols like HTTPS, MQTTS, WebSockets, COAP along with device management protocol USP(TR-369).

check The same set of core micro-services can be deployed in Fog allowing to spread platform work-load between Cloud and Edge tiers.

check Fully extendable, maintainable and customizable due to vast amount of APIs for existing micro-services.

check Due to open source nature of core micro-services, customers possess a full ownership of those along with commercial modules ordered and deployable on top of them.

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SpartanShield Platform supports the latest USP device management protocol

In this video you’ll find out how the new Connected Home TR-369 protocol will boost your business and increase sales.

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